Otto de Kat

My name is Otto. I am a life coach, but first and foremost father to two beautiful daughters.

I am driven by my passion to make everyone feel in control of their own life. I believe that everyone has hidden talents, which may have not been used in the right way or even discovered yet.

My parents separated and I lost my father a young age, I felt at odds with myself most of my life. I had been searching for a purpose for a long time. I felt like everything that had happened was weighing me down, until I realised that my past has provided me with valuable life lessons and I still had my whole future ahead of me. After working as a freelance cabinet maker, I decided years ago to follow my passion and re-educate myself to become a life coach.

I have had my own company since 2015 and also work for several clients as a freelance coach and trainer on assignment.

More information about me can be found on my Linked-in page. linked-in