Are you feeling out of sync, not sure which path to choose or choice to make? Would you like the feeling you are in control of your life?

My mission is to empower others in being king or queen of their own life.


Coaching comes from the heart; I coach people using my past experiences as valuable life lessons which have enabled me to fine tune my knowledge and practical approach. Are you feeling out of sync, not sure which path to choose or choice to make? I can guide you in finding the answers you are looking for. Together we will create a safe haven where you can just be or become the person you choose to be. You will learn to accept yourself for who you are and I will guide you in the decision making process. The process can be very simple, but usually not easy. Undertaking life coaching is committing to an evolving process. This is why most of my sessions are outside in nature; the changing seasons are reflective of my approach. During our sessions we will walk through the forest or on the beach.

The coaching process usually consists of six sessions, ideally with intervals of one to three weeks in between

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Workshops & Motivational speeches

I offer a variety of high-impact life coaching methods. I am able to customise my approach to suit your requirements. They are innovative and will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone.

I believe this will help you change your perspective and learn new ways to discover, enriching and changing your vision on life.

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Voor mij is Otto een voorbeeld in kwetsbaar durven zijn en dit te gebruiken in zowel zijn trainingen als in de coach sessies

~ Ben, Senior consultant ~

I see Otto as a compassionate teacher and role model

~ Rich, Cofounder ChallengeDay ~

Otto daagt me uit zelf echt na te denken!

~ Willem, Makelaar ~


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